1OO% unrefined organic SEA SALT

Flavor to your food or boost your immune system and detox your body.

Unrefined Organic Sea Salt is pure sea salt from Bali's pristine, still rugged east coast. Along these quiet white sand beaches channeled seawater through a myriad of seagrass in ductwork made of tree trunks to evaporation.

Sun and wind evaporate seawater, leaving mineral-rich sea salt. Sea salt becomes twisted and turned by hand until the sea salt has got its crystal form.

Salt crystals are then collected by hand in wooden toys and sun-dried for the last time. This natural, old harvesting method preserves the minerals and vitality of this organic treasure.

Unrefined organic sea salt contains 84 elements. These elements are identical with those that our body is made up of. Ordinary table salt consists of two elements (sodium and chlorine).

Can be used in cooking or in a tub to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body.

Can also be used for a good body scrub in the bath.

Breathing vapors (1O% in water), it can help getting of asthma, bronchitis and ear infections.