About SMUK

100% pure and active natural products based on unique ingredients from the East and North.

The ingredients are carefully selected in collaboration with some of Denmark's most talented specialists in active organic skin care.

We have taken the knowledge from the East where many of the ingredients also originated due to the tropical climate that provides the best conditions for nutrients in plants, fruits and herbs and the best ingredients from the Nordic countries.

The creams are developed and produced in Denmark, where they are adapted to the Nordic climate.

All products are thoroughly tested in my clinic where I work with them in my daily work as a skin therapist. They are tested for the desired effect, scent, texture and the clients' feeling and perception of the products.

After the products have been filled in Miron glass jars/flacons (read more here) they will be tested for microorganisms, which can easily occur in 100% pure products.

The products contain NO endocrine disrupting additives.


When you see our fine 'flower' symbol is your guarantee that you buy a product that contain 100% natural active ingredients that help to preserve and maintain the natural ecosystem and takes into account your body and future generations.

We love being sustainable!


Natural fragrance in our products comes from real flowers, plants and herbs. This means - if a cream smell of lavandula, it is real Lavandula angustifolia extract in the product and not a synthetic fragrance.

There are natural perfume added in some of my products. For me it is important that you also gets the sensual part with, when pampering luxury skin care.

We use essential oils, but in a very small amount, so they become as skin-friendly as possible.

In some of our products there will be some single allergens, but all are between 0.03% and 0.001%

Essential oils have a positive effect on both body and soul. It is important that we feel beautiful and comfortable both on and under the skin.

Produced in Denmark

We produce in Denmark to ensure the highest quality in ingredients, production, development of new products and certifications and approvals.

In Denmark we are close to our partner throughout the creative process and the production itself, which means a lot to us.

We have gradually created us a very skilled team, which we are very proud of.


In our products each ingredient is carefully selected. Each ingredient has a meaning for the way the product works.

We use active plant-based ingredients that ALL are natural.

Our ingredients are also selected for their high quality.

Eg. we all know that olive oil is found in many different qualities. You can taste, see and feel it. The same applies to the majority of the ingredients that are in skin care.

In our skin care products, there are only the finest and most expensive ingredients - and it shows and you will feel it.

You can read more about the active ingredients under the "ingredients".

Conservation of the products are described under the "ingredients".